Professional & Experienced Team. Global Hotels Management Services is about a highly experienced team, each a professional with a proven track record with most international and national brands over decades. We would be glad to share our experience for hotels with units of all scales and across all locations. We vertically integrate solutions to owners, developers, lenders, and other parties involved in the hospitality sector.

Our solutions include:
Hotel Development
Sales & Marketing
Revenue Management
Asset Management
Hotel Performance Recovery
All our services come in 3 types:
  Full Management
Part Management

Master Planning

To achieve a successful hotel we take the ownership objectives and vision in mind. Combined with the location and market findings, we apply our experience to ensure that it can become a practical reality. We provide the following:
GHMS gives you Recommendation on the Concept and a Financial Feasibility Study. This includes selection and briefing on Architect, Lighting, Environment, Landscaping, Kitchen Planning, Operational Layouts and contract negotiation not only in terms of selecting the right partner but also in setting the right terms and conditions. We also do space planning for each and every component of the hotel from front to back of the house – from store rooms, offices and staff facilities to kitchens, restaurants and public spaces. Based on the feasibility, budget and location we recommend the most efficient hotel classification or no classification.
The entire process is scientifically planned with a backward integration to protecting the Gross Operating Profit (GOP), Profit Before Taxes (PBT) and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization (EBITDA) – in that order.

Financial & Marketing Feasibility Study

For any new project it is crucial to appraise the cost and ROI of the development. GHMS is able to assist clients to create a broad comprehensive business model – not only on financial planning but also with a strategic business plan and detailed marketing strategy, ensuring the road map to success.

Environmental Sustainability

GHMS supports and incorporates sustainable environmental policies. This covers in the area of hotel design, construction and operations. Regular monitoring ensures the hotel’s social and environmental activities are well within acceptable limits.




Brand Creation / Brand Identity

GHMS does a complete Market Research to arrive at the decision of having the right product at the right place at the right price. This ensures the right brand which will be profitable instead of being a financial failure.

We help owners define and create a vision and mission – defining their brand DNA or researching deeper into the brand values and building personalized brand motors.

All these parameters once understood and set become the source for a complete hotel strategy, including the soft part of human capital where the hotel will establish standards and yardsticks for how they will be seen by guests, employees, and the marketplace in general.

Sales and Marketing

Through a scientific and detailed study, we are able to arrive at the price propensity of the market and existing options. Rest is creating unique experiences, within this, where we are able to achieve the best occupancies and room rates. Properties can be accessed through all major systems, including Apollo, Sabre and Amadeus. Each property is carefully evaluated to determine which assess affiliation is most appropriate, given the property’s markets and location.

The Sales Team is designed accordingly along with the Channels of Sale. This is strongly supported by a website and e-platform.

At the forefront of this new technological age, visitors can review every resort in detail, download information, images, review restaurants and spas, check rates and the latest packages as well as make on-line reservations utilizing secure payment portals.

Public Relations

Public relations are important in helping the brand and individual hotel properties to build solid connections with their customers. Our Public Relations effort improves channels of communication and establishes new ways of setting up the flow of information and understanding. Our team uses Public Relation to convey information about services and products to potential customers, crafting the hotels’ public image and legacy.


GHMS can manage distribution channels from initial set up phase to the final booking process geared to the requirements of the hotel. We develop appropriate and cost effective sales strategies for electronic distribution and visibility with the right mix to generate and optimize revenue results.

Social Media Marketing

GHMS provides seamless, fully integrated solutions linking social media marketing with what the hotel is offering – allowing greater visibility and easy reach. With the increasing usage of social networking tools and e-Travel portals like Trip Advisor, Face book and Twitter, direct marketing to “buyers” has changed forever. Client to client testimonials provided by the social media allows customers to choose or shy away from a product totally. GHMS manages this delivery and managing the posted messages.

Revenue Management and e-Marketing

With the change and growth of today’s technology, hospitality electronic marketing has gained a high degree of significance and sophistication in managing the web as well as GDS channels (Global Distribution Systems) that open hotels for sale to agents and third party internet sites globally. Indeed, in some markets today, a majority of bookings are made through electronic marketing channels and fewer by phone/email/fax. Bookings are as easy as a click of a mouse allowing customers to access, compare, negotiate and reserve rooms.

Hotel rooms are 100% perishable and hence revenue management combining with e-commerce / marketing is crucial to increase and maximize top line revenues. We ensure the correct booking channels are open at the right period and with the right product, so that revenue opportunities are exploited to a maximum at all the times.

Technology and its vastness has caused a flood of specialist providers for electronics marketing solutions in GDS and Web. With GDS connection, companies or their interfaces now act on their own.




With the large number of distribution channels and high competition, today the guest has a complete choice on what to take. Because of this it has become increasingly difficult to know how to manage your business and ensure that you are maximizing every channel at just the right time and at the right price.

GHMS with its strong background in Sales, takes a holistic approach to Revenue Management; which means we look at every aspect of your business when determining how to help achieve your revenue goals. This includes focusing on:

Competitive market positioning
Pricing strategy
Business mix
Decision making process including tools and reports
Internal communication
Ecommerce strategy
Benchmark performance trends
Distribution channel positioning and effectiveness
Marketing Tools




With our experience and industry penetration, we can help identify the right profile and price for all positions in a new start up or existing system. We also screen each profile on the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) to ensure that the person is able to contribute at optimum levels.
 We also recommend on the best ratio of in house and outsource formats to reduce costs and liabilities.
 Hotel professionals seeking to add their CV to our data base, please send in to contact@globalhotels.co.in




We emphasize talent acquisition, mentoring, coaching and developing talents whilst retaining control and discipline.

We work with third party consultants and specialists to provide our team customized packages that will combine the owner vision and our brand philosophy. We also have the following programmes:

Leadership Modules
Management Modules
Motivation Modules
Management Team audit
Labor Productivity
Operational Training Modules
F&B Development
Sales & Marketing Module.


Operations & Services

The single factor between Good & Poor hotels is Operations.

GHMS focuses on this single element as its core competency. We create a solid foundation and address the hotel operations at its core. We design processes and policies, in a practical and doable manner, so that it actually works for you. We take the necessary training and standards versus actual services and guest satisfaction and provide recommendations on required changes.

We take into account all the elements of operations – front office, housekeeping, repairs & maintenance, food & beverage, travel desk, laundry, information technology, human resources etc. We analyze all these elements on a cost to efficiency basis, and provide the necessary support and action plan.

Global Hotels provides leadership which is easy to implement and benefits all stakeholders.

Food & Beverage

F&B is the heart of any hotel, being able to contribute between 30-60% of the total revenues. It is also the single most area where creativity can be tried as a part of ongoing process. GHMS ensures the best options on production and services. Between cuisines which are low on cost and high on returns.

GHMS also seeks out unique concepts, designs and settings to highlight the dining experiences but avoiding the appearance of ‘gimmicks’ by ensuring the taste, quality and value are absolutes.

In the banquet and ballroom area, GHMS evaluates and determines the necessity based on the surrounding demographic and business needs before recommending the inclusion of such facilities, thus often even advising against the large costs involved in providing for only ‘once in a while’ events.

Skill & Management Training

We emphasize mentoring, coaching and developing talents whilst retaining control and discipline. We work with third party consultants and specialists to provide our team customized packages that will benefit the unit in its GOP:

• Management Team Evaluation
• Labor Productivity
• Operational Training
• Food & Beverage Training
• Soft Skills Training
• Attitude Correctional Training

Hotel Audits

GHMS sees the Hotel Operations Audit as a key to protection for our owner and their asset and ROI. As such, it is an integral part of doing business and allows quickly identifying and addressing areas of improvement to increase efficiency and profitability.

Some areas are:

• Organization and Management Structure
• Sales & Marketing- Strategy and Structures
• Pricing and Positioning
• Human Resources Management
• Team Evaluation
• Labor Cost Analysis
• Engineering & Maintenance Programs
• Cost Control Procedures
• Services Standards & Levels
• Customer Loyalty Strategies
• Quality Assurances


Management Agreements

GHMS provides a host of brands from budget to luxury business hotels, as well as high-end resorts depending on the size and location of the hotel. It would also include a unique sale and lease back / rental pool system to spread developer risk. Nevertheless, we also offer non-branded services, assisting owners who wish to manage their own properties. In this case, we offer from a menu of consultancy and part-management services.

In such cases GHMS provides inputs in Concept and Technical Services for Space Planning and Construction Monitoring based on a mutual agreement. This is followed by the Pre-Opening Set Up Services and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Meanwhile, for existing hotels, we offer troubleshooting and Recovery Services including Marketing Strategies, Revenue Management and general management troubleshooting.

Technical Services Agreement

As part of our technical services and pre-opening support services, we will work closely with the Project Manager, Architect, Consultants, Designers and project team in every aspect of creating a precise pre-opening work flow that guarantees the plans are translated into an efficient operational frame work. Following the decided brand and development concept, the standards of products and services all through the construction phase are monitored.

In addition to the Pre-opening budget, we provide financial forecasting (5 years to 10 years) and activities of the hotel.

  • Design Guidelines

  • Technical Standards

  • Hotel Brief for the project architects and all other relevant consultants

  • Monitoring during design and build stages of the Project

  • Pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines

  • Food and beverage operating concepts and / or ‘best-in-class’ third party as a tenant

  • Provide methods for identification, hiring and the training of department heads and operational staff

  • Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment

  • Provide for the development and implementation of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Plans

  • Set up and implementations of guidelines, policies and procedures

Group Procurement

We widely use web based purchasing solutions, committed to delivering the best purchase pricing without sacrificing on quality of product. The objective is to increase the effectiveness of our Hotel Manager and Staff by cutting the amount of time spent managing supplier relationships and negotiations, which can often lead to ‘misunderstandings’.

Owner Representation

GHMS also offers design and implementation of pooling programs linked to a proper hotel or resort offering the following:

  • Financial & marketing feasibility

  • Business model

  • Marketing and sales materials

  • Tailored pooling program designed and based on targeted market

  • Inventory management and record keeping

  • Integration and management of pooling programs with hotel operations

  • Traditional property management as part of hotel management

  • Master planning and phasing guidance from the discipline of a hospitality operator

  • Revenue sharing arrangements between developer and unit owners

  • Create optimal mix and capacity of F&B outlets, kid’s club, fitness, spa and other amenities of the combined residential and hotel zones

  • Technical Services Agreements, Management Agreements, Branding and Sales & Marketing / Reservations for the integrated residential and hotel / resort offerings and operations


GHMS specialize in this area with a team which has been handling this over 20 years.

For every property that may not be doing well and running in negative GOPs, we undertake the following recovery path:

Research & Identification on Causes of Failure
Analysis of all Financials -Revenues & Costs
Study of the Manpower-both on IQ & EQ
Research on Identification of Leakages
Study on the Perception & Image Downfall
Discussion on Findings with the Ownership
Identifying the Best Recovery Plan
Identifying the Capital, Start Up & Other Costs Involved
Timelines on each Step of Recovery

GHMS only handles this on a Long Term Management basis considering the degree of involvement and supervision required for the desired results.