GHMS offers the following Training Programmes
Hotel Training
Hospitals / Airlines / Hospitality Institutes / Tourism Training
Hotel Training

We emphasize talent acquisition, mentoring, coaching and developing talents whilst retaining control and discipline.

We work with third party consultants and specialists to provide our team customized packages that will combine the owner vision and our brand philosophy. We also have the following programmes:

  1. Leadership Modules

  2. Management Modules

  3. Motivation Modules

  4. Management Team audit

  5. Labor Productivity

  6. Operational Training Modules

  7. F&B Development

  8. Sales & Marketing Module

  9. Soft Skill training

  10. Talent Upgrade Programmes

  11. Crisis Handling Programs

  12. Basic Departmental Trainings


Hospitals / Airlines / Hospitality Institutes / Tourism Training


GHMS offers the following Advanced Soft Skill training courses. These programs are specially researched and designed for the above allied industries and go deep into Ego States, Emotional Balances, Psychological Theories and Emotional Handling.

These programs reprogramme the EQ of individuals to be able to handle their mind & professions better and climb up the ladder for future and senior responsibilities. They become the asset bank for the organization tomorrow.

  1. Assertiveness & Self Confidence

  2. Basic Communication Skills

  3. Advanced Communication Skills

  4. Interpersonal Skills

  5. Anger Management

  6. Emotion Management

  7. Attitude Management

  8. Stress Management

  9. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  10. Public & Group Speaking

  11. S&M-Body Language Basics

  12. Employee Motivation

  13. Leadership & Influence

  14. Life Quality Management

  15. Being a Winner